Who are we? and why?

We are a group of developers and artists from around the world making the games we love to play. We are ambitious, but stubborn and determined to do this.

We have made it our mission to create games, because we love them. Though that may not be a satisfying answer, We know our vision for our projects, and want them made.

How it all started.

19th January 2019

Rift One - Pre-Production Art

The Journey Begins...

A Game Designer & Concept artist combine their minds to think up a science fiction game. This is where it all began, And it only grew from here.

March 2019


The Work Begins.

Rift One slowly fades out of Pre-Production and into Early Development. More people join, and things start to move into place.

July 2019

The Fall

July onwards was a bumpy time, our lead programmer had left suddenly, and all was looking dim. the project was looking like it didn't really have a future.

February 2020

The Rise

When 2020 rolled around, we decided to revamp almost everything. gameplay mechanics, some world design, and much more. And a increase in the speed of development showed we were moving in the right direction.


The Journey Continues

Its been a long and hard road so far, but the journey continues. with development going smoothly, and other smaller projects in production (Which we can't wait to show) things are looking up. and we can't wait to continue this journey with all of you!

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