Our team

Game Director & Studio Lead

Game Director and Studio Lead, he leads the charge on all projects here at Data7 Studios! He is passionate about what he does and will do anything to get it done.

2D Artist/UI Designer

Raf's Art makes our game look 10 times better and more professional than it would if he didn't join.

Lead Environment Artist

Vlado is always amazing us with his incredible environments and visuals.


Redewaan is the writer on Rift One, He is Co-Writing the story with Rio. He's creative and can think up interesting and new stories in the blink of an eye.

Character Artist

One of our talented character artists! Glen is always creating great-looking characters for our games.

Character Artist

incredibly talented, Focused, Ulysses never ceases to amaze the team with his insane attention to detail.

3D Animator

Doug is always working hard to make the best and most smooth animations possible. 

3D Animator

Extremely talented in animation, Mohammad works hard to create smooth gameplay animations, and give the player a better experience.

Concept Artist

Our Concept Artist Szabrina! From environments to creatures to much more. She is very talented at what she does.

3D Modeller

Steven is always modelling weapons, gadgets and trinkets for our project.

Audio Director

Our audio director Sam is always creating great audio for our games.


Another one of our talented programmer putting their all into this project.

Character Artist

Creating Impressive 3D Characters always. we are always looking forward to what he whips up next!

3D Modeller

An amazing 3D modeller, Creating impressive 3D art for our games!

Marketing Director

Codeh, our marketing director, he works to get our games in front of people eyes.

Additional Thanks

  • Andy Barraclough Our amazing composer who makes all the music for Rift One.
  • Jenkins Our awesome community manager and friend. always helping out where he can. we can't thank him enough.
  • Jimi Osborne The amazing concept artist who helped start it all.
  • Jack Copping For helping kick-start the programming team in general. 
  • Everyone else who helped over the years Thank you for your contribution no matter how small.

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